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Product and Technology

The boldness and innovation in color, pattern, design, and technique of the tube bring new vitality into modern decoration. In respect of decorative style, there are modernistic, oriental, and European while each style with standards from economy, standard to luxury class to meet different levels of consumer demand. Freshness of color, uniqueness in shape, nobleness in texture create high visual appeal.

The PVD coating, transfer coating, and non-welding techniques are adopted in the production. The combination of the high-tech and modernistic shape breaks the prejudice towards stainless steel but create a atmosphere of noble and elegance. Each piece of work is the result of elaboration, individuation, and creation; our mission is to lead the fashion rather than follow the steam.

Stainless Steel Screen

Stainless steel dividers

Divider enjoys a long history since ancient China as a symbol of nobleness. Materials for divider varied from gold, silver, enamel, crystal to mica, stone, glass, etc.

We, today, Foshan Vigor Dragon, are specialized in stainless steel dividers design and production.

Classical stainless steel divider, oriental stainless steel divider, European stainless steel divider; vertical stainless steel divider, table stainless steel divider, folding stainless steel divider, etc. Personalized design is also available here to meet different customers’ demand.

Dividers can be used to create smaller sections of a large room; create a sanctuary or reading area; hide unsightly areas; and most importantly decorate and beautify our living or working space.?Together with classical Chinese furniture, it’s a perfection to create an atmosphere of harmony and elegance.