Taiwan plans to extend its investigation into carbon steel and stainless steel from 40 days to 60 days

Taiwan’s steel materials are heavily dependent on imports. Taking hot-rolled stainless steel in Taiwan as an example, the self-sufficiency rate is only about 50%. Even the upstream steel-making plants are considering importing hot-rolled steel from the mainland for cost considerations. Therefore, they do not agree with the government??s double counter investigation. The government has set limits and the entire industry will lose more.

In 2017, the import and export volume of goods trade between Taiwan and the mainland was US$131.01 billion, an increase of 17.8%. Among them, Taiwan??s exports to the mainland accounted for US$80.87 billion, an increase of 20.3%, accounting for 27.7% of Taiwan??s exports, an increase of 1.5 percentage points; Taiwan??s imports of US$50.14 billion, an increase of 13.9%, accounted for 19.3% of Taiwan??s imports, an increase of 0.2. percentage point. The trade surplus between Taiwan and the mainland was US$30.73 billion, an increase of 32.5%. The Taiwan area conducts double-counter investigations against the mainland. If the mainland counters, Taiwan may lose more.

For the mainland stainless steel industry, the next enthusiasm may be to grab the global market share of Taiwanese companies.