Choose your best one metal reusable drinking straws from Vigor Dragon

Choose your best one metal reusable drinking straws from Vigor Dragon

Old habits die hard and creating new ones is a pain. But it does help that reusable metal straws are so pretty to look at. They deserve to be treated like all your other home utensils.

Here, we introduce you to the most common metal reusable straw materials: stainless steel and titanium. You??ll also find insights on how this is all tied together to your lifestyle.

Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless steel is the most basic durable material that resists oxidation and corrosion.?Made of food grade material, a?304 stainless steel straw?is a safe and affordable option to drink out of. At the same time, Vigor Dragon can do SS316 as material for stainless steel straws. We have many feedbacks from Australia.

Titanium Straws

Titanium?is the most expensive material but also poreless. It??s the safest material for the long term and it also won’t release that metallic taste.

The colors in the straws are from the titanium itself instead of color dyes and lightweight titanium also means your cup won??t tilt when you finish drinking. Compared with stainless steel straws normal weight, a 8mm diameter titanium straw is only 13g.

Now, you know everything you need to know about metal reusable drinking straws and it should be easy to choose one. Vigor Dragon have many choices for you!