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We produce austenitic stainless steels, pure ferritic stainless steels, etc. Among them, the steel types 304, 306, 201 are the most widely used and are also widely used in the industrial field.

304 Performance Features Uses:
As the most widely used stainless steel heat-resistant steel, food equipment, general equipment, atomic energy industrial equipment. 304 is the most common type of steel, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength, good mechanical properties. Deep drawing, bending and other normal temperature processing performance is good, will not harden after heat treatment. Household 1, 2 kinds of Western tableware, Sink, indoor piping, water heaters, bathtubs, boilers, auto parts (wiper, air return pipe), medical machinery, building materials, chemical, food industry, textile industry, cheese industry, Ship Parts

201 Performance Features Uses:

The current 201 stainless steel round steel material has better rust and corrosion resistance than other materials. 201 stainless steel round steel has a wider application range and is mainly used in industries with high anti-corrosion requirements such as water supply, heating, air conditioning, fire protection, chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, food, electric power, and metallurgy. Features: good rust and corrosion resistance; heat and cold resistance, hot and cold dual-use; base coating galvanized layer of anti-corrosion performance is reliable; health and environmental protection, safety, and can deliver clean water;

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