The trade surplus

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from Securities daily

On 8 December, China??s total volume of import and export trade in the first 11 months to November had surpassed that of last year, up 11.1% year on year to 27.88 trillion yuan. Besides, exports rose 8.2% to 14.92 trillion yuan while imports grew 14.6% to 12.96 trillion yuan; trade surplus narrowed 21.1% to 1.96 trillion yuan according to data from China Customs.

In November, China total volume of import and export value grew year on year 9.1% to 2.83 trillion yuan in RMB. Besides, exports increased 10.2% to 1.57 trillion yuan, prior to 20%; exports were up 7.8% to 1.26 trillion yuan, prior 25.7%; trade surplus expanded 21.5% to 306.04 billion yuan.

After import and export in October were better than expected, both of those in November fell down and showed lower than expected. Chen Jianheng, a date analyst of Zhongjin Gold Corp. Ltd. figured that exports shares and America domestic huge demand supported high prior export growth, but export growth would turn down gradually at last not only to America but also to the world because of a decline in external demand with an obvious drop-off order.

Macroeconomic researcher Sun Fu talked to a reporter from Securities Daily that the exports growth in November fell sharply mainly owing to the relatively large cardinal number year on year. November singular exports sum in 2015/ 2016 was 195 billion dollars or so, and that in 2017 increased greatly to 217.4 billion dollars driven by external demand towards good, 10% higher than the corresponding period, but the exports pressure of Q4 was obviously higher than the first 3 quarters this year. Slow external demand is the main influence factor that export growth slew down while high cardinal number gave rise to fluctuation between months.

Referring the downturn of imports data in November, Chen Jianheng said the sharp drop-off in imports was out of expectation, it is relevant to two aspects, on one hand, International oil price and a large quantity of commodity price fell down since October, which caused import price slew down more quickly, on the other hand, the collapse in price of domestic industrial products in November made import of raw materials become more cautious.

Sun Fu figured that the high cardinal number also affects the sharp decline in import growth last year, on another aspect, domestic demand keeping slow is an important factor. One is imported growth of agricultural, mechanical and electric, new high-tech products turned negative in November from the respective of main import commodities; the other is the import growth of all countries slew down except Australia from the respective of main import countries.

Regarding foreign trade of next year, Chen Jianheng said, it would be hard for China trade surplus to obvious expansion next year, but in the situation that RMB exchange rate did not devalue, the deficit of service would tend to widen. China current account surplus may narrow next year, which meant that it would be tougher for China to gain profit from overseas continually. Thus, if exchange devalues could not achieve stimulation of exportation, boosting economy could only rely on domestic demand and reducing the domestic interest rate, at the same time supporting our economy by increasing financial deficit and financial expenditure. As a result, the domestic interest rate would continue to be a downtrend.


Vietnam Iron and Steel Export Suffer Anti-Dumping Measures

Abstract: Last Friday Xinhua News Agency cited Vietnamese local media report, since mid-July to early August, iron and steel products made in Vietnam suffered 8 trade measures in the world.

Last Friday Xinhua News Agency cited Vietnamese local media report, since mid-July to early August, iron and steel products made in Vietnam suffered 8 trade measures globally.

According to Vietnamese local newspaper, Vietnam News, which is cited from the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in the past two years, Vietnamese products have been subject to 78 anti-dumping measures under other countries, among which 37 ones were relevant to iron products, reaching up to 47.4%.

The Vietnam Steel Association said due to global trade protectionism, Vietnam iron products have become anti-dumping target of each International market without exception, exerting a direct Influence on Vietnamese export.

Stainless Steel coil

Based on the Vietnam Steel Association??s data, in the early ten months this years, Vietnam crude steel output was 20 million tons, rising 17.7% year-on-year; iron and steel products sales volume reached 18 million tons, up 27.7% greatly year on year, of which export took account 3.9 million, up 31.6%.


2018 ICEE 3rd International Cross-border?Ecommerce?& Products Fair.

HomeyStyle & HOMEY MOSAIC, Vigor Dragon Group??s brand?new sub-brands on fashion and lifestyle, attended 3-day 2018 ICEE 3rd International Cross-border?Ecommerce?& Products Fair.


This exhibition is hosted by?China International Cross-Border E-commerce Industry Alliance, Guangzhou cross-border electricity supplier Industry Association and Hong Kong Yuezhan Group, organized by?Guangzhou Teyin Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.?and co-organized by Alibaba 1688, UXUP and Wish.

Fair 2018

During the exhibition,?Alibaba, eBay,,, and?shopee?took part in the forum to share their experience, which offers constant climax and wonderful moments.

Fair 2018

Our company mainly showed products like stainless steel straws, cutlery sets?and?stainless steel mosaic this time, we aimed at enterprise-establishing towards global?ecommerce?suppliers and achieved the goal of ??going global?? by providing high-quality products for general customers.

fair 2018

Through kind negotiation with customers, our sales representatives returned with fruity results. They not only learned more profoundly and comprehensively about the latest trend and request of?target?market,?but had clearer future development direction to our brands.


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Integrity for Success

Recently, Foshan Vigor Dragon Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.won the title of ??Integrity Enterprise,?? and this publicity campaign is a comprehensive evaluation activity of the enterprise credit by the Chinese government.

The honor is the affirmation of the integrity management of our company.It is the full affirmation and positive encouragement to our performance of social responsibility and the company’s integrity construction.

Honesty is the traditional virtue of China. For the enterprises, honesty as a valuable intangible asset is the key to build a brand and establishing an image. The improvement of enterprise integrity not only helps to promote the development of a social credit system but also brings direct benefits to all sectors of society.

Since its establishment nearly 20 years ago, Vigor Dragon has always attached the spirit of every cooperation. It was still regarded social credit as the foundation of the enterprise, and pay attention to the discipline management and honest performance as the cornerstone of the enterprise.The vision of the company is ??Credit, Trust, Sharing, and Win-win.?? We provide a high-quality development platform for dealers, therefore, provide consumers with quality products and sales services.

In the future, Vigor Dragon will continue to strengthen the construction of enterprise credit management, give full play to the strength and brand advantages of the enterprise, transfer positive energy.We will make new contributions to promoting the construction of a social credit system.


The trade war is proceeding silently.
What do you think the contest between China and the United States will affect the international community?
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You should use mosaic in these way


? ? 1. Mosaic is a kind of ceramic tile.

The varied color and pattern make the mosaic more flexible in home decoration. In the kitchen, mosaics can accurately find their place.With a silver mosaic as the background, the hanging black wires are hung with a few different bronze shades, can create a mechanical rock style.

  1. Floor tiles and wall tiles are perfectly matched

The color matching and pattern of floor tiles and wall tiles have become the most important place for kitchen tile paving.

  1. vintage style

As a special kind of color in ceramic tiles, antique brick is a unique style of ceramic tiles. The most suitable retro style. Black metal structure, plus various wood surface materials. The ground is covered with a layer of retro bricks, perfect ending.

  1. pragmatism

The black and white style outlines a modernist style. Modernism is undoubtedly another synonym for pragmatism: it is also functionally complete and requires all simplicity.

HOW TO USE $148 TO Elegance YOUR Kitchen and Bathroom?

4 functional tips for you

Are you looking for that special piece to add the final touch of elegance to your home or office?
Mosaic art comes in many forms, including wall art, tables, and mirrors. It even comes in 3D forms, such as flower pots, birdbaths, and decorative garden balls. You name it and a creative artist can probably transform it into a lovely mosaic.
Mosaic history can be traced back to 2000 B.C. in ancient China. And glass mosaic becomes popular in architecture during the period of Rinascimento (Renaissance). Glass mosaic have been extremely popular in Asia during the 1980s and become diminishing in 1990s. However, in the earlier of the21st century, with the new technology development, glass mosaic comes back strongly in Asia and becoming more and popular in North America since 2004.

Source: Community Lutheran Church

Only decorate part of it: Mosaic mirrors can be beautiful additions to the home or office. The standard, boring mirror in a wood frame gets lost in the decor. It simply fills space on a wall. However, a mirror surrounded by colorful pieces of hand-cut glass can add warmth and charm to your home. Imagine the entryway of your home or office. A guest walks through the door and sees an entry table against the wall upon which sits a lovely flower arrangement in an antique vase.
Your guest’s eyes are then drawn to the mirror on the wall above the flowers. The mosaic design framing the mirror catches her eye. She stops momentarily to admire the remarkable mosaic glass colors that blend perfectly with the flowers. Her head nods with delight as she admires your wonderful taste in furnishings.
How to keep your mosaic clean and won’t fall If we decorate mosaic in the kitchen, how can we avoid not to make troubles for yourself, such as the oil and dirty?
Fortunately, there is a kind of material called porcelain grout waterproof, oil and stain proof. Compared with the fine agent that shrinks into a V-shaped groove after drying, the porcelain grout can fill the brick joint between the mosaics without leaving a space for dirt and dirt. Porcelain grouts come in a variety of colors, and the decorative effect is strong, and the unique mosaic tiles are perfect.
PS: Allow the glue to thoroughly dry overnight.
Use different material mosaics according to different scenes
The surface of the ceramic mosaic is flat, and the glaze does not contain dirt. The V-groove between the mosaics ensures that the gap can be completely filled with the porcelain grout, and even if it is always in the water, it will not mold.
If you really want to use glass mosaic to make the shower floor, remember to choose a matte surface instead of a glossy one.
Buy from Reputable seller And try to communicate your thoughts with them.
In order to get a satisfied mosaic, you better buy from the reputable seller. Don’t go the local frame or furniture store and thumb through a bunch of mundane prints. Don’t go to the flea market and browse through $20 paintings that literally took 15 minutes to paint. Instead, consider mosaic art. Mosaic art is unique, unusual, and oftentimes a conversation piece.
Not only is it beautiful, it’s durable so you can display it anywhere. If it’s made properly, it can even be displayed outdoors by the pool or in the garden by your favorite sitting place. The glass mosaic is colorful and decorative, and the value is higher than the ordinary tile. The glass mosaic is beautiful and brittle, and it is not suitable for the ground. (no need to worry if it will fall down)
If you purchase a large number of materials, you can ask when you visit the building materials market or online store. Many manufacturers offer customized solutions to let you match the colors you want.
?Shop in? ??
PS: When ordering, please pay attention to the bricks to be used at one time, otherwise the bricks produced in different batches may not be consistent in color and material.

The biggest penalty in the history of the European Union

Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke with EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager on this Tuesday. The call was a routine procedure to warn Google company will face penalties.

Referring to the report, The European Commission will impose a huge fine on Google for ??abusing its dominance in the field of smartphone operating systems??.

According to the latest news, Google is reported to have a fine of 4.3 billion euros due to the monopoly of Android, accounting for nearly 5% of its parent company’s annual turnover, the biggest penalty in the history of the European Union

17.6 thousand factories shut down in China

? ? China Environmental Protection Monitoring Team has carried out a one-month inspection work, during the period of supervision, many non-standard factories faced the risk of bankruptcy.

Zhejiang province:

? ?Due to the high cadmium content of alloy raw materials, many electroplating companies have been shut down in order to control cadmium pollution.

Jiaxing City:

? ?A lot of rectification activities have been carried out in Jiaxing City, at the same time, water pollution testing of rivers in local industrial areas will eliminate some local manufacturers whose sewage discharge exceeds the standard.

Wenzhou City:

? ?There have many enterprises in Wenzhou have been shut down, including the waste recycling company and also, the main equipment of the aluminum strip processing enterprise was forcibly removed.

In this action, many private enterprises, including chemical industry enterprises, have been largely cut off from water and power, workers have been laid off from work, and people are worried about their livelihoods

The consequences of the environmental storm are still continuing to ferment:

  • First, intensify the collapse of small and medium-sized private enterprises and reduce economic vitality.
  • Second, drives the unemployment rate up and increase the stability risk.
  • Third, causing a new round of inflation and led to a rapid rise in prices.