Is this the jungle law of the stainless steel market But more we need are positive energy

Is this the jungle law of the stainless steel market But more we need are positive energy!

As the saying goes:maybe, we can see the truth but we can’t get an insight into ones mind.

Recently, the differences between 304 and 304D stainless steel become a controversial topic.

The sales boom driven by the new 304D stainless steel has gradually faded away. Recently, the flat-panel merchants suddenly began a heated discussion, reminding customers to distinguish between 304 and 304D stainless steel clearly!                    

That makes quite a few material suppliers feel unacceptable.

New products made of 304D stainless steel are developed to meet the different needs and tastes of customers. And if people sell 304D stainless steel as 304 stainless steel, it is a matter of ethics and integrity.

However, many people responded that even if there is no 304D stainless steel, manufacturers will sell 304J3 stainless steel as 304J1 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel.

In fact, we should regard these phenomena as manifestations of the “law of the jungle.” No matter how strong the lion is, it will not actively attack the hyena unless the hyena poses a great threat to it.

If we compare 304 stainless steel to a lion and likened the new product of 304D as a hyena, 304D stainless steel is an emerging threat for 304 stainless steel in decorative sheet market. Therefore, the intense discussion held by decorative sheet sellers may be a kind of counterattack.

In any event, we should be gratified that there are always people who are contributing to establish and maintain a good market order.

In conclusion, the promise written down is to avoid the dispute of any quality problem. After all, customers have the right to choose and know. And it is a test of integrity that whether suppliers will fulfill their notification duty or not.