American Screw Thread Steel Price Keep Stable and May Bear Pressure in Early 2019

On December 19, 2018 source: therefore nishimoto Shinkansen

It is learned that American screw thread steel price has kept stable at $710-720 per just ton.


Insiders say, 4# screw thread steel basic price is $710 per just ton, 5# is $690 per just ton, while 6# is $685 per just ton.

In despite of market supply surplus at the end of this year, it is possible for basic price to rise in the future several months.

One of the American Middle West market participants says, the price of steel scrap dropped off a little, but according to the present condition, I think domestic steel industries have been planning to raise price in the Q1 of next year since August their business did not perform well. Despite global other markets and imports price tend to be low, American steel industries will still try to raise price at the beginning of 2019.

Other latencies may make differences on the market In early 2019 including the factors as following, American repealing customs collection of Canada and Mexico steel, lowering customs of Turkey steel and price of steel scrap continuously.